Welcome to Soundingwell Acappella Singing Workshop


Acapella cropped

Mondays 6.30pm -7.45pm

The power of song to bring us together

Everyone welcome we will be learning by ear so no music reading needed with a gentle introduction to singing in harmony beginning with simple warm-ups, rounds and melodies to singing in four or five part harmony with songs we create ourselves and from around the world helping us connect with the earth, our body rhythms, our creativity, our vitality,  our freedom of expression and our essential nature.

The power of song to communicate

The human voice is capable of an incredible range of sounds which we instinctively understand like a baby crying in distress,  anguished pain, exuberant joyfulness. With each of these sounds there are no words, just a sound that conveys a whole world of meaning in an instant – such is the power of sound to communicate, a universal language that we all share at a deep ancestral level.

The power of song to move us

If sound can have such a profound effect on us how much more does music? We can all be moved in very deep ways by particular tunes, melodies, harmonies and voices in fact most of us can name one or two tracks that move us in some way. Many couples  have “our tune” that revives a host of loving memories from the early days of their relationship and we all have a track or two that never fails to get us moving taking us right back to the same excitement and energy we felt all those years ago.  Our responses to different melodies, songs, rhythms show how powerfully music affects us all,  something universal that we all share.

The power of song to help us connect with each other

Singing in harmony brings us together into unity of sound and sensation. Each of us brings our own unique voice contributing our part to the greater whole an together in the midst of the beautiful sounds we are creating together we create deep bonds of heartfelt connection with each other. No other human activity has the power to bring people together s that we have a sense of belonging and that we matter to each other

The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts

We can sing one note but the real beauty is in the harmonies we cooperatively craft together taking singing to a whole new level of enjoyment freedom of expression and wonder. we can’t do this on our own – we need each other! There is something comforting in the realisation that we can do so much more when we do things together – singing together brings appreciation of the gifts that each and every one of us brings.

Welcome, warmth and acceptance

There was a time when there were places to go and meet others without any kind of pretense, just being yourself simply being and giving of yourself freely in the company of others. Now by coming to soundingwell and singing together with others we hope to recreate such a safe and free environment where you will find a welcoming place and freedom to participate in whatever way you wish meeting and being met by others with warmth and acceptance.

Revive mind, body and soul with sound and voice

If this wasn’t enough already we will all feel so much better as we leave with a song in our hearts.